Creational Design Patterns in Java

What is a Pattern? Pattern is an abstract topic. It is solution to particular problems.It is divided into three categories.Here we only discussed about the Creational pattern.              Creational               Structural              Behavioral Types of Creational Design Patterns. Singleton Builder […]


Programs in Java

Write a program to reverse a String. Write a program to check if string is palindrome or not. Write a program to convert lower case to uppercase and vise versa. Write a program to convert String into date object. Write a program to date object into String. Write a program to check given strings are […]

Bitwise operators

Bitwise and Shift operators in Java

Lets suppose we have

  when converting a and b into binary number system we get a = 00000101    b  = 00001001 while applying different operators on variable remember the Truth table   1) Bitwise OR    | Bitwise OR is a binary operator (operates on two operands). It’s denoted by |.

2) Bitwise […]

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