Difference between view (Temporary view & Permanent view) and Materialized view

View is the table(temporary or permanent) which contains SQL query and it returns result set. It is of two types 1) Temporary View is used in the SELECT statement.This is temporary and it is not stored in disk . For eg.

As comparison to normal query temporary view is fast. It generally used to […]


Recursive Query in Postgres

How can we write recursive query ? Lets suppose a case when you have to find all the child data of the given Parent and you don’t want need access java code or functions the recursive query would be the best option. You can write a simple query to find all records on basis of […]


Database Section

What is a database? Database is the collection of data and information . It is organized in such a way that it can be easliy accessed, managed and updated. What is DBMS? DBMS mainly stores data in the files. There are tables but there is no relation between the tables. It stored in the hierarchical […]

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