Smart Phones

Doing things the digital way undoubtedly marks learning a whole lot calmer these days. At your clearance, anytime & anywhere are convenient devices for staying in touch with others and getting work accomplished. Smartphones are finding increasing use as tools for attaining information and gaining knowledge on miscellaneous topics. No longer are smart phones simply […]

Configure Apache HTTPD with Tomcat

Below steps are to configure Apache httpd on the Windows machine. To start up with this tutorial we need to understand few topics i.e Apache server, Apache HTTPD, Tomcat,MOD_JK. So Apache is an HTTP server that basically deals with the HTTP(HyperTextTransferProtocol) request that comes to particular port.It doesn’t deal with the translation or compilation of request […]

Creational Design Patterns in Java

What is a Pattern? Pattern is an abstract topic. It is solution to particular problems.It is divided into three categories.Here we only discussed about the Creational pattern.              Creational               Structural              Behavioral Types of Creational Design Patterns. Singleton Builder […]

Sorting Algorithms in JAVA

What is sorting? Sorting is an algorithm that arranges the elements of any data structure in a certain order either in increasing order or decreasing order. It is an important topic in computer science and lot of research has gone into this category. If we consider sorting algorithms in computer science then best behavior is […]

Hashing Data Structure

What is Hashing? Hashing is a technique of getting a data faster whether it is stored in database or any data structure. Hash is value generated from any string , integer or file.It is generally smaller than itself.It is a mathematical concept of generating a hash function.Every time the hash function must generate a different […]

BackTracking and Recursion

In this tutorial i am going to show the difference between recursion and backtracking . Backtracking is general algorithm for finding solution to some computational problem. We have set of several choices. If one choice from set of choices proves incorrect, computation backtracks or restarts at the point of choice and tries another choice. In […]

Struts 1.2 Tutorial

Struts 1.2 is the most famous (MVC) framework. Now a days, it’s a dead framework. However, with the huge success of Struts 1.x in early days, there are still hundreds of thousand companies are implemented Struts 1.x, and never consider upgrade, so the Struts 1.x is still causing many maintainability. Struts 1.x is a complete […]

Elm language

Iteration and Recursion in Elm

Example of Iteration of list elements in Elm through Lambda expression and

Recursion Example in Elm in list.

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