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All New Amazon Echo 2018

Amazon has launched its all-new Amazon Echo Plus – fresh for 2018. The second generation Echo Plus holds its Zigbee hub and beefier sound however provides a fresh new look more in keeping with the rest of the Amazon Echo range.

If you’re looking at business an Alexa smart speaker then the Echo Plus is the right choice that can be at the center of your home.

What’s new?

The 2018 Echo Plus comes with a built-in Zigbee hub with this you can easily start up your smart home. All you need to say is “Alexa, discover my devices” and the Echo Plus will scan your Wi-Fi network for the new smart devices to add.

There are two imperative changes to the Echo Plus the first one being the sound and the second one is a 3-inch neodynium woofer upgraded from the previous Plus 2.5-inch woofer.

Echo plus also has Dolby Audio tech built into the speakers to power 360-degree sound from the device. Sound is also brittle and comes with more alto and can even adjust the equalizer settings with Alexa. It sounds louder with 2018 Echo plus than the 2017 Plus.

The original Amazon Echo Plus was designed to act as a smart home and a new temperature sensor that can be used to customize your smart home a bit privileged. With Alexa you can even check the temperature of the room. 


The 2018 Echo Plus comes in three colours : charcoal, sandstone and heather grey. They all are tones of grey, going from light to almost-black. The idea with the new Echo Plus design is the idea with the new Echo Dot and Echo is to more smoothly intermingle into your home. It looks more like an article of your home rather than a speaker you placed on a table.

The 2018 Echo Plus is smaller and stouter than the original. It sports a lightly evolved version of the design when compared to the 2017 Echo sports. The same fabric lining on the outside, but on the top of the device you will scrutinize a subtle curve from the control panel to Alexa’s iconic ring to the fabric on the side.

Wi-Fi Simple Setup and local voice controls

The Echo Plus came up with new features that made it easier to manage and use your smart home and the devices inside.

Once you connect your device to power and connect it to Alexa app Wi-Fi Simple Setup starts working. The device pulls your Wi-Fi’s password from the Wi-Fi Locker in the Alexa app. Then it automatically sets everything up.

The cost of 2018 Echo Plus comes in range of 7k to 11k INR.

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