What is new in Apple Watch Series 4?

Smart watch is not a new name but when it is of Apple then it becomes a watch which is going to be incredible because of some wonderful features and complete exceptional looks.

Well talking about Apple’s Series 4 watch it is announced with some mind-blowing features which are completely new in its type and new offered by any other smart watch company. It is remodeled, having large screen improved and latest processor and health and fitness features too.

Watch Face

Apple Series 4 watch have dynamic face with water, fire and vapour graphics for more stylish and breath-taking looks.

Speaker and Sound

Speakers are louder and have more effective sound. For superior sound and clear call voice microphone are now on opposite side of speakers which means more clear and effective voice and sound quality.

Design and Display

Apple Series 4 watch is available in 2 different sizes with larger display as equated to previous models. It has more detailed and graphic information. It can be said that it is redesigned and have more advance features. It has crown haptic responsive feel which user see when they flip over items on their watch.

Processor and Software

Apple watch series 4 have 64 bit dual core processor which accomplishes 2 times faster than previous model. It has OS 5 operating system. The dynamic range is duple and can sample data faster. It also has GPS tracking best for long bike rides.

Material and Body

Apple S4 watch is available in stainless steel and aluminium and have black, ceramic plus sapphire crystal for radio waves to pass through front and back just to expand cell reception.

Health and Fitness Features

Apple Series 4 watch is one of its type thus tine as it’s an intelligent custodian for its users. It has fall detect feature in which it will investigate impact acceleration and will then make an emergency call. It can sense user and if user is immobile for a minute it will send message to emergency contact which is moderately different and good feature. In field of health it is a livelihood system as it can monitor heart rate and gives alert in case of low heart rate. It canopies rhythm of heart and sends notification in case of irregular heart rhythm. Unsurpassed and most impressive feature of Apple S4 watch is in built electrical heart sensor by which user can take their ECG and in case of medical help can get instantaneous treatment and can show ECG to doctor as all information is stored in health application.

Apple watch Series 4 is entirely different from their previous models and have quite impressive features especially in field of health and fitness.

You can buy Apple watch 4 from Apple official store Here and also you can buy it from Amazon.

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